If you have trouble uncompressing the 7-zip archive, please note that you need at least version 7-zip 9.10. You can grab it from the Sourceforge page

Decided to pitch in my Win32 builds so people can test them out.

The archives also contains APSC control point generator so you're good to go. They also contain Enblend 4.0-6e6f573e57be, but you can just copy over an Enbled version to your liking.

These are rar files you can just extract to a folder (you could name the folder Hugin.XXXX, for easy recognition), and make shortcuts (Hugin.exe is in the /bin/ folder). That way you can have multiple builds of Hugin in the system.

You can also just copy them over you current Hugin installation, it should just work.

Bear in mind that while you can have multiple copies of Hugin, they all share the same settings.

You can contact me at z.....@gmx.net or through the Hugin mailing list.